Humans Season 1 1080p WEB-DL

Humans is an eight part drama from AMC, Channel 4 and Kudos. The series is set in a parallel present where the must-have gadget is a ‘Synth’, a highly developed robotic human looking servant. The series explores the emotional impact that comes as the lines between humans and machines become increasingly blurred. At the center of the four concurrent storylines explored throughout Humans is the flawed but loving Hawkins family. Joe Hawkins believes the addition of a robotic servant to the household will give them back the time they so desperately need, but Laura senses something different about their new Synth Anita – there’s something not right. Widower George Millican treats his out-of-date Synth Odi like a son.

IMDB Rating : 8.1/10 from 20,239

Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi

Cast : Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill


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